Our Services

Integrated Customer On-boarding Platforms

DepositSmart is our customer acquisition platform that manages the entire onboarding process from product landing page through to passing cleared deposit funds to institutions. It offers consumers a single application process whilst selecting and funding multiple savings products.

The platform manages and tracks applications, product selection, funding and cash transfers, as well as the post-sale process including CRM. Combined with our online marketing and distribution services, we offer an integrated end-to-end solution for launching products and brands into the market, engaging with consumers and raising deposits.

Campaign Tracking and Optimisation

We have extensive experience of what works when it comes to online financial product marketing, designing campaigns and user journeys that ensure our clients’ funding targets are achieved in the most cost-effective manner. PBF Click is our end-to-end tracking platform that enables real-time tracking of clicks and conversions from different placements on different landing pages. It allows us to monitor the key metrics behind campaign progress and make real-time adjustments to ensure the user journey is optimised.

Product Marketing and Distribution

We develop and manage cost-effective marketing campaigns for our clients, applying a combination of proven online techniques, social and traditional media campaigns and product distribution through our extensive network of affiliates and aggregation sites. For clients in high growth markets such as peer-to-peer, we can also develop new distribution channels as well as providing access to our network of banking contacts.

White Label Technology Services

Our technology powers own-label financial product comparison and distribution platforms, working with partners such as the Daily Mail’s thisismoney.co.uk to drive traffic and third party product sales.  The technology is highly configurable and can be customised and branded to help clients achieve their customer acquisition objectives, whether via an API to their site, or through white label platforms powered by us.
Our own label comparison sites include SavingsDeals.co.uk for retail savings and Fundshare.co.uk for P2P investments.

Customer Acquisition Platform Examples

PBF Origination platforms help banks and other financial providers to rapidly acquire new customers and deposits.  They provide a front-end modular solution that connects with any core banking platform, with fully optimised user journeys, application forms and built-in end-to-end-tracking.

Our Business Deposits Origination Platform has been developed to manage the customer experience and applications process for business consumers.  It is available as a white label solution that can be branded to our client requirements, and incorporates full AML/KYC checking, as well as tracking.